“Symphony New Hampshire announced Monday that Roger Kalia will be the new music director for the orchestra” effective with the start of the 2019-20 season, write Rachel Cohen and Peter Biello in a report on Wednesday (5/15) at New Hampshire Public Radio. “Kalia currently serves as the music director for Orchestra Santa Monica, the Lake George Music Festival and Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra in California. Q: What excites you most about this new role that you’re stepping into? Kalia: I’m really excited about working with such dedicated and talented musicians [and] getting to know the community. Q: What challenges do you think orchestras are facing today? Kalia: I would say the biggest challenge is the declining audiences…. Part of my role is to show that the orchestral experience is alive—it’s really vibrant…. I like to engage audiences…. Q: Can you tell us a little bit about what strategy you might adopt to get younger people to come to the symphony? Kalia: Something I established out in California with my orchestra [was] called Symphony Happy Hours…. One thing I would love to do: A Symphony Happy Hour at a brewery…. It’s a very informal relaxed vibe.”

Posted May 17, 2019