In Monday’s (1/4) Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.), Linda Loomis profiles Kit Dodd, orchestra librarian of Symphoria, based in Syracuse. “Dodd describes himself as ‘the gatekeeper.’ To him fall the tasks of procuring, maintaining and managing the orchestra’s collection and preparing the performance music. It’s a job he has filled since 1990, one that requires professional musical ability—he plays viola in Symphoria—and exceptional organizational skills…. On the last day of 2015 … Dodd was in his Harrison St. office organizing for the remaining concerts in Symphoria’s third full season. He was marking bowings…. Dodd recalls one time when he checked the rental shipment and everything seemed in order. At rehearsal, however, he discovered that the correct part had not arrived for the pianist. Using the resources of his membership in the Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association, he sent out a digital plea and, within 15 minutes, had responses from around the world.… In 25 years as gatekeeper for Central New York professional orchestras, Dodd has learned to expect the unexpected. Maybe that’s why, in a travel bag bearing the logo of the Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association, he keeps his essentials—sharp pencils, extra erasers, and Tylenol. ‘I’m always prepared,’ he says.”

Posted January 7, 2016