From left: Terell Johnson and Scott Speck, of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra, are among the key figures in Chicago's music scene cited in a recent article. Photo by Sandy Morris|Sally Blood.

On Tuesday (12/5), New City (Chicago, IL) published “Music 2023: Who Keeps Chicago in Tune,” a multi-section feature that spotlights the people behind Chicago’s richly diverse music scene. The article focuses on individuals working in classical, rock, hip-hop, electronic, folk, jazz, world, and country music as well as the venues, concert halls, and clubs where music is played. Among those working in classical music are: Jeff Alexander, president, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association; Mei-Ann Chen and Blake-Anthony Johnson, music director and CEO, Chicago Sinfonietta; Liza Malamut, artistic director, Newberry Consort; Christina Salerno and Stilian Kirov, executive director and music director, Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra; and Scott Speck and Terell Johnson, music director and executive director, Chicago Philharmonic. Composer Augusta Read Thomas, founder of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition and university professor at the University of Chicago, is among the Educators, and Mark Riggleman, executive director of Classical Music Chicago, is listed among the Programmers.