“Toronto’s sparkling but woefully underfunded arts organizations got a boost at City Hall on Monday,” writes Martin Knelman in Monday’s (8/16) Toronto Star. “After a series of presentations by many of the city’s top performers and major cultural organizations, council’s executive committee voted to recommend the city stay the course on its long-term strategy of raising funding levels to $25 per capita by 2013. That and several other arts-friendly recommendations will go to the full city council later this month before voters go to the polls to choose a new mayor and slate of councillors. Chances are, the full council will pass these resolutions. That does not guarantee more funds will flow to the arts, because so far this is merely a target. … Still, Monday’s exercise represents an encouraging vote of confidence. Leading the parade of arts advocates was Karen Kain, artistic director of the National Ballet of Canada.”

Posted August 18, 2010