“It’s no secret that the recording business has been struggling for years, and that classical music artists are rarely household names,” writes Ronni Reich in Sunday’s (12/21) Star-Ledger (New Jersey). “But the way orchestras have begun to respond is one of the more promising trends seen in music this year. When new albums came out from ensembles such as the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic, they were often self-released live recordings. That means there’s no cut of sales going to a record label or the exorbitant expense of studio time for dozens of musicians. While it’s not new for classical organizations to take this approach … it’s becoming the norm. And, it has the possibility to raise the profile of ensembles and conductors who deserve to be heard and to enrich the repertoire.” Among the orchestras with recordings covered in the article are the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, and Seattle Symphony.

Posted December 23, 2014