In Sunday’s (8/7) Charlotte Observer (North Carolina), Adam Bell writes about the upcoming season of the Union Symphony Orchestra, based in Monroe, North Carolina. “The group has just hired its first full-time artistic director and conductor, Richard Rosenberg. It found a permanent home. … The orchestra has nearly doubled its operating budget in the past two years. ‘This is going to be a huge year for us. It already is,’ said orchestra board chairman David Nelms. One big reason, Nelms said, is the hiring of Rosenberg, who should provide a steady supply of interesting, diverse programming…. Rosenberg, 56, said he wants to … ‘do music that is unfamiliar by familiar composers and from unfamiliar composers.’ Choosing eclectic pieces could mean conducting a Brahms serenade instead of a symphony, or H.K. Gruber’s Frankenstein!! … In October, Rosenberg plans to conduct an overture by 19th-century New Orleans composer Edmund Dédé…. Rosenberg said he likes the Union Symphony’s commitment to education with its youth orchestra. Rosenberg said he wants to reach out to the Hispanic and African-American communities to assure them he will create programming they will value as well.”

Posted August 9, 2011