An Associated Press report by Veronika Oleksyn posted Wednesday (12/15) on the ABC News website states, “Ladies of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra modeled chic new concert attire Wednesday—pinstriped pants and a long black blazer over a white blouse and gray gilet. The outfit was designed by 22-year-old Austrian fashion student Markus Binder, who won a competition aimed at giving the ensemble a homogeneous yet modern, classy face. Officials call the revamped image a ‘work in progress’ and say there are plans to come up with something similar for male musicians, who make up the overwhelming majority of the sought-after group. ‘We also want to sell ourselves visually as a high-class orchestra, not just acoustically,’ said Thilo Fechner, who plays the viola, and, on the side, also handles the musicians’ clothing matters. The four women who will inaugurate the apparel at the Vienna Philharmonic’s famous New Year’s concert on Jan. 1 posed for a slew of photographers and reporters. Previously, they wore black pant suits of their own choosing. ‘It’s well-cut and comfortable to play in,’ said Olesya Kurylak, a 29-year-old Ukrainian violinist who has yet to become an official member.”

Posted December 16, 2010