“It’s been a few days since the 2015 Grammy Awards were given out,” writes Frank J. Oteri on Wednesday’s (2/11) NewMusicBox.org. “Since then, in the wake of the televised broadcast, the web has been all aflutter with debates over whether Beck or Beyoncé has greater artistry.… I’m more concerned about who the cameras didn’t land on and what that ultimately means about these awards and their significance in the mainstream of our culture.… Folks who clicked on Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘The Complete Winners List’ or the coverage on two of the three major television network websites … were left completely in the dark about many of the awards.… If the Recording Academy feels that certain awards they give are not worthy of exposure on network television … why give the awards in the first place? … Some folks in our community are bent out of shape that the Grammy folks couldn’t properly say the name Pierre Bou-LEZ (since his lifetime achievement award did make it onto prime time). For me, it’s indicative of a much larger issue at stake here. If the general public is not made aware of the achievements of folks in all kinds of music, how can we expect anyone to know what anyone’s names are?”

Posted February 17, 2015