Monday (4/6) in Madison, Wisconsin’s alternative weekly 77 Square, Lindsay Christians writes, “The players of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra have given assurance that they will play the fifth Masterworks concert of the season. Todd Jelen, a bassoonist on the negotiating team, said the musicians agreed to play to show good faith—and because ‘the long-term health of the organization might be at risk.’ The players have been on strike since Oct. 1. Management and musicians have been discussing the terms for the new five-year contract for more than a year. The orchestra issued its ‘last, best and final’ offer on March 23. In response, the musicians picketed the WCO’s offices on March 27. After this concession, Jelen said the players hope to meet again in about two weeks. … This month’s concert, set for Friday, April 24, will feature guest conductor Julian Wachner and pianist Paavali Jumppanen on piano, playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, known as the ‘Emperor’ concerto.”

Posted April 7, 2009