On Sunday, April 24, New York classical radio station WQXR aired a live stream of its second annual 24-hour marathon of new orchestral music via the station’s online channel Q2. Musicologist and critic William Robin serves as curator and host of the event, which is being repeated on Tuesday, April 26. The stream highlights repertoire composed in or after the year 2000. In conjunction with the webcast, the station also is posting articles by conductors, composers, and critics “examining the issues surrounding 21st-century orchestral music.” Articles include composer Steven Mackey’s “Five and a Half Things I Say on the First Day of Orchestration Class,” composer Kristin Kuster’s “The Months Between Signing a Contract and the First Rehearsal with an Orchestra,” and musicologist Douglas Shadle’s “Honoring the ‘Thankless and Unending Toil’ of Composing Music.”

Posted April 26, 2016