In Tuesday’s (3/29) Globe and Mail (Toronto), Marsha Lederman reports, “The Juilliard School, long an all-Steinway institution, is breaking with tradition and buying a non-Steinway piano. Paolo Fazioli, the Italian piano maker, will be in New York later this week to complete the deal with Juilliard, after the performing-arts school agreed to purchase one of his pricey, handmade—and coveted—pianos. … The Fazioli piano, worth six figures, has been on loan to the prestigious New York institution since October on spec. Fazioli pianos are the most expensive on the market; ranging from about $80,000 (Canadian) for a baby grand to $225,000 for a standard black piano. Customized Faziolis with decorative bells and whistles can run up to $500,000. … The school approached a Fazioli dealer last year with the trial proposition. Fazioli said he was uncomfortable with the idea at first but ultimately agreed ‘because it’s Juilliard.’ In February, Juilliard used the Fazioli for student auditions, after which a school official said the school would be going ahead with the purchase. Juilliard did not want to comment for this story, and was still referring on Monday to the Fazioli at the school as ‘leased.’ ”

Posted March 30, 2011