“The Arizona Commission on the Arts has received a one-time appropriation of $5 million in the $18 billion state budget for 2023-2024,” writes Sofia Krusmark in Wednesday’s (7/13) Arizona Republic (Phoenix). “It’s the largest amount of money the state has given the commission. The commission hopes to provide more resources for individual arts, as well as for smaller nonprofits, younger aspiring artists, older adults and veterans…. Begun in 1967, the Arizona Commission on the Arts is the state agency that financially supports more than 200 arts nonprofit organizations across Arizona…. From 2008 until 2012, the agency had a place in the ongoing General Fund line item in the state budget, averaging about $550,000 per year to the arts. In 2012, the line item was eliminated due to recession-era budget-balancing efforts … For the 2023 fiscal year, the breakdown [of funding for the commission] is $5 million from the legislature, $1.2 million from the Arts Trust Fund and $900,000 from the NEA…. Arizona’s arts and culture industries generated $10.9 billion for the state in 2019 … Funding from the commission goes to the Phoenix Symphony and Musical Instrument Museum, among other arts groups.