“The Artosphere Festival Orchestra returns to the Walton Arts Center this spring to showcase the talents of 90 young musicians in three very different performances,” writes Becca Martin-Brown in Sunday’s (5/15) Arkansas Democrat. Artosphere Music Director Corrado Rovaris: “When I learned the theme of the festival this year was the sun, I tried to tie my selections to that theme…. I chose the Italian Symphony by Mendelssohn, because it radiates with Mediterranean light and the exuberant joy of life. At the same time, I wanted to present the opposite, so I chose Notturno by Martucci, which is a short gem that presents an intimate melancholic space. We always present something outside the usual repertoire, and this season we chose to present ‘Aconcagua’ Bandoneón Concerto by Astor Piazzolla, who brought tango to the classical music world … [For] the third program … I chose ‘Don Juan’ by Richard Strauss for its swagger and energy, and also, because it matches the virtuosity of our orchestra…. The second work in the program is Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss…. They lift the listener to a different, metaphysical dimension. Finally, we end with The Firebird Suite by Stravinsky … an ideal closing piece for our festival.”