The Aspen Music Festival and School has received a $243,106 grant from the Sidney E. Frank Foundation, to be used to purchase new audio recording technology, complete audio archives, and fund performance broadcasts. The gift will allow the AMFS’s Edgar Stanton Audio Recording Institute to update its technology to meet current broadcast standards; underwrite a two-week residency in Aspen of the classical music radio program Performance Today; and finance a two-year archival project that will transfer eight years of AMFS recordings to digital media, creating a searchable database of more than 50 years of concerts. Regarding the completion of the archives, Aspen President and CEO Alan Fletcher said, “For a music organization, our history, our legacy is found in our music, and these funds will allow us to finish this incredibly important project.” The Sidney E. Frank Foundation’s arts funding focuses on the preservation and restoration of great performances and works, and the use of technology to make art more accessible worldwide.

Posted May 25, 2010