“Both Bobby Black and Chrisjovan Masso have been, in the past, the only tuba player in their band,” writes Alison Bowen in Sunday’s (2/10) Chicago Tribune. “Both high school seniors have played for years…. ‘It’s usually just a section of one,’ Black said … at the Fine Arts Building, where the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra is based…. The two play together in the CYSO, which provides education to about 650 young musicians, ages 6 through 18. The program runs full and string orchestras, along with jazz, steel and chamber music…. ‘It’s good to have a partner next to you to talk to,’ Masso said. Black added, ‘It’s nice to have that reassurance that if I make a mistake, if I miss an entrance or something like that, there’s going to be somebody else who’s covering it.’ … The two have become friends … ‘a good example of a really rich friendship that developed because of CYSO,’ said Susan Lape, the executive director.… Each plans to continue with music…. They see each other at auditions … at places like LA’s Colburn School. Some programs even have two spots available.”

Posted February 12, 2019