In Sunday’s (4/17) San Antonio Express-News, Deborah Martin writes, “About three years ago, Jack Roberts found a demo version of Finale, a music composition program, at the back of a band textbook. He started messing around with the software and discovered, much to his surprise, that he really liked writing music. So he kept it up. And that work is paying off this week, when the Austin Symphony Orchestra will be playing his symphonic piece ‘War for Survival’ as part of a program of student-written work. ‘It’s basically like an alternate history thing, like a WWII type of scenario, where there’s a generic evil force and a generic force for good and they’re clashing,’ said Roberts, a freshman at Alamo Heights High School who plays piano and alto saxophone. ‘Out of that erupts a huge battle. In the end, good prevails, and there erupts hope.’ … The 14-year-old composer will get his first listen of the piece Tuesday when he and his dad, Wayne Roberts, sit in on a rehearsal. … It will be the orchestra’s first Texas Young Composers Concert.”


Posted April 19, 2011