In Saturday’s (9/20) Baltimore Sun, Tim Smith writes that Andrew Balio, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s principal trumpet, has organized a two-day institute “to be held next weekend at the University of Baltimore…. Balio sees the Future Symphony Institute as a first step toward creating a permanent orchestra think tank …. ‘I don’t know another musician … who has created his own initiative like this,’ says BSO President and CEO Paul Meecham…. ‘I’m very proud of [Balio] for pulling this off.’… The event, co-hosted by UB’s Integrated Arts Program, received support from the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics and the University of Baltimore Foundation,” and participants include BSO music director Marin Alsop, veteran conductor Benjamin Zander, and Richard Bogomolny, former head of the Musical Arts Association, which oversees the Cleveland Orchestra. Others coming to Baltimore for the conference include architect Leon Krier, poet and literary critic James Matthew Wilson, and English philosopher Roger Scruton. “ ‘Not everybody is for classical music, and we’re not going to be able to change that,’ Balio says. ‘But there are a lot of people on the cusp of being able to really enjoy classical music and support us, people we’re not reaching…. Look at the Apple company. Steve Jobs created demand where there was no demand.… We have to drive demand for classical music.”

Posted September 23, 2014