“The California Arts Council is rolling out a new voucher program that will allow people to give arts license plates as gifts,” reports David Ng in Tuesday’s (10/28) Los Angeles Times. “The vouchers, which cost $50, are available starting Tuesday and can be purchased online. Arts license plates have been a main source of revenue for the California Arts Council, accounting for approximately 60% of its annual budget, or about $3 million, from drivers who choose to pay for the specialty tags. The plates feature a design by artist Wayne Thiebaud depicting palm trees and a sunset. The giver can purchase the voucher card online as a physical card or can send the voucher to the recipient via email.… Arts plates have an annual renewal fee of $40 that also goes toward supporting the council. The California Arts Council issues grants to arts education programs and nonprofit arts groups throughout the state. Proceeds from the arts plates help to fund the council’s activities. The arts plates were created through special legislation in 1994, and are a joint project between the California Arts Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

Posted October 29, 2014