“The Bemidji Symphony Orchestra has worked throughout the pandemic to create concerts that are both entertaining and safe,” writes Betsy Melin in Friday’s (3/19) Lakeland News (Bemidji, MN). “Next week, they will hold performances both in-person and virtually with two concerts, where they’ll be featuring the music of one of America’s most iconic composers, Aaron Copland. The concert will feature dialogue. The spoken scenes between each of the orchestral pieces [Quiet City, “Hoe Down” from Rodeo, and Appalachian Spring] will feature performed conversations between Copland and one of his collaborators, Martha Graham. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the orchestra has adopted the motto of ‘Masked but not Muted’ to express their perseverance in performing. The slogan also has a double meaning, with some instruments like the trumpet able to use mutes to change their sound. The in-person events will take place at the Bluebelle Event Venue Saturday, March 27 at 7 PM and Sunday, March 28 at 3 PM. The Sunday show will also be available for live streaming.”