“The Billings Symphony will acquire the Billings Youth Orchestra (BYO) effective July 1, 2022, renaming the nonprofit the Billings Symphony Youth Orchestra,” states an unsigned article in last Thursday’s (6/30) Billings Gazette (MT). “The governing boards of both groups voted unanimously in May to combine the two organizations, a move that will ensure orchestral opportunities for generations of young Montana-area musicians from kindergarten to college age. ‘We have been fortunate in Billings to have the Billings Youth Orchestra impacting the lives of young musicians since 2006,’ said Anne Harrigan, music director for the Billings Symphony. ‘Youth orchestras play an important role in the development of young lives. I am thrilled that the Billings Youth Orchestra will become a part of the Billings Symphony….’ Since its founding by the Kirk family with support from parents and educators, BYO has provided young musicians an opportunity for growth through training and performance at the highest level across four different orchestras: Preludio, Concert, Young Artist, and Repertory…. All operations will remain intact and performance opportunities will expand under the Billings Symphony. The organization’s four professional conductors, all of whom are Billings Symphony musicians, will continue to lead the orchestras and ensembles.”