“On the cover of Black Violin’s 2015 album Stereotypes is a violin, shattered and artfully arranged in a new, angular shape,” reports Kara McLeland on Tuesday (4/24) at Nashville Public Radio. “It’s a fitting visual for what the duo has been doing together for nearly 15 years: defying expected conventions about what music can sound like, and who can play it. A blend of classically-informed melodies over hip hop beats, the music of Black Violin isn’t easily categorized. But for violinist Kev Marcus and violist Wil Baptiste, who studied classical music growing up while also immersed in rap music, combining two seemingly disparate genres has always felt very natural. Still, … they say that people are still surprised to learn that two black men can play violin for a living…. Most of all, Black Violin hopes that their music and message will reach and inspire young people like those featured in the Stereotypes music video; they frequently invite local youth orchestras to join them onstage during performances. Both Marcus and Baptiste credit playing the violin, as well as encouragement from music teachers, with opening doors of opportunity and keeping them on a positive trajectory growing up.”

Posted April 25, 2018