On Tuesday, May 10, BoardSource launched the tenth edition of its key research initiative, Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices. It contains questions on board demographics, meeting practices, culture, fundraising, and performance for chief executives and board chairs. Now through June 7, BoardSource is asking nonprofit chief executives and board chairs to participate in this important research project by taking the Leading with Intent survey online. The survey is the sector’s most authoritative and comprehensive look at the structure and workings of nonprofit boards. Survey results are used in reports, papers, articles, and trainings on trends and critical issues facing nonprofit leaders. Many board leaders, researchers, and members of the media look to Leading with Intent to help them build the effectiveness of their boards or educate others about the state of nonprofit boards and the value of effective governance.

To thank participants, BoardSource will send a free e-publication and enter participants’ names in a drawing for free attendance (registration and lodging) at the 2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum (Seattle, October 19-20, 2017). Nonprofit chief executives and board chairs are invited to take the survey here.

Posted May 31, 2016