“The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, embarking on its first overseas tour in 30 years, is looking forward to pleasing the people of Poland,” writes Mary Kunz Goldman in Friday’s (2/16) Buffalo News (Buffalo, N.Y.). “But first, the orchestra will have to please the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.” New rules contained in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, otherwise known as CITES, “monitor materials that often make up musical instruments…. ‘If you are traveling with a musical instrument that contains Brazilian rosewood, elephant ivory, tortoiseshell, or another protected species, you will need to obtain proper legal documentation before crossing international borders,’ the agency advises.… On March 15, the day the BPO flies to Europe, Fish and Wildlife folks will be waiting at JFK Airport to inspect the orchestra’s instruments…. Bows are a particular risk because some may contain ivory…. Some musicians may choose to bring a less valuable bow.… In Poland, Music Director JoAnn Falletta will be leading the BPO in Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from ‘West Side Story,’ Barber’s Symphony No. 1, and Gershwin’s Concerto in F, with pianist Conrad Tao as soloist.” Click here to read the League of American Orchestras’ updated webpage about international travel with musical instruments.

Posted February 20, 2018