Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director Rune Bergmann led the Calgary Philharmonic and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Mahler 8. Photo courtesy of Calgary Philharmonic.

In Sunday’s (11/12) Calgary Herald (Canada), Kenneth DeLong writes, “It was a big night for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Not only was the single work … over 100 minutes, it also required big forces: the combined services of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the Edmonton Symphony, a women’s chorus, a mezzo-soprano soloist, and even a girls’ choir. The entire stage was packed with musicians and instruments…. Eight horns blazed forth at the opening of Mahler’s gigantic Third Symphony, the starting point of an emotional odyssey that culminates in a magnificent final movement … The sold-out audience at Jack Singer Concert Hall … erupted in a storm of applause and shouts of approval … This was the first time in roughly 20 years that the two Alberta orchestras have performed together. Both concertmasters spoke before the performance, and together they led combined forces in a magnificent performance … Rune Bergmann led the immense performing forces, skillfully guiding the players and singers through the many moods and textures the work encompasses…. This was a very special evening, requiring, in addition to the music making, a great effort in practical logistics. That such an evening could happen here is cause for celebration, over how great music, marvelously performed, can enrich our lives.”