Conductor Carlos Kalmar has been cleared of accusations of sexual harassment at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

In Thursday’s (8/10) Chicago Tribune (login required), Hannah Edgar writes, “An investigation into allegations against Grant Park Music Festival artistic director Carlos Kalmar at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where he teaches, concluded that the allegations against the conductor did not constitute sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination, and did not violate Title IX, according to a letter emailed to conservatory faculty, staff and students on Monday. Carole Rendon, a former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and partner at the BakerHostetler law firm, led the investigation. Her report—compiling interviews with more than 30 CIM students, faculty and staff, and other written and video evidence provided by both parties—was reviewed by acting Title IX coordinator Dean Southern, CIM’s dean and vice president of academic and student affairs…. Southern concluded that Kalmar’s conduct did not have ‘the purpose or effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with a person’s participation in educational programs or activities’ …and that Kalmar’s behavior did not discriminate ‘on the basis of sex, nor was it so severe or pervasive as to create an objectively offensive environment such that it denies anyone equal access to educational opportunities at CIM based on gender.’…The allegations against Kalmar came to public attention in April.”