“For a quarter of a century, the feisty little indie label Cedille Records has stood out as a plucky survivor in a domestic classical recording business that has been buffeted by a slumping economy, vanishing retail stores, the inexorable advance of pop music and other factors,” writes John von Rhein in Wednesday’s (9/3) Chicago Tribune. The Chicago-based label’s success “speaks directly to the artistic and business acumen of James Ginsburg, its founder, president and chief producer [and] a former University of Chicago Law School student who happens to be the son of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…. [The] artist roster … includes violinists Rachel Barton Pine and Jennifer Koh, keyboardists Jorge Federico Osorio and David Schrader, the Pacifica Quartet, eighth blackbird, Lincoln Trio and the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus…. Such Chicago composers as Easley Blackwood, Lita Grier and William Ferris are generously represented…. What does Ginsburg’s famous mom think of Cedille’s 25-years-and-counting success story? ‘She’s a longtime classical music lover, very supportive of our efforts and, I think, extremely happy with the way Cedille has turned out, and so was my father, the late Martin D. Ginsburg. Once the opportunity came along to turn Cedille into a not-for-profit and make the label fully sustainable, they became huge supporters.’ ”

Posted September 3, 2014