In Friday’s (2/15) Charlotte News & Observer (North Carolina), Lawrence Toppman writes, “In a nutshell, here’s the day’s budget news for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra: big silver lining, small dark cloud. The CSO announced on Thursday a collective gift of $2 million from four anonymous donors. If the board and staff can raise an additional $800,000 by June 30, the orchestra will make its budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year. That would be a breakthrough as it hasn’t happened since fiscal year 2002. ‘We don’t want people to read about this and think our financial problems are all solved,’ says interim executive director Robert Stickler. ‘But with a lot of work and community support, it should be reachable.’ The orchestra has always been dependent on the kindness of neighbors. One-third of its $9.2 million budget comes from ticket sales; its Arts & Science Council money has decreased over time; it gets no money directly from city or county government. … [Music Director Christopher Warren-Green] recently re-enlisted through 2016. His orchestra has gotten more good news in the current fiscal year: The number of donors has gone up by 10 percent, and the number of Symphony League members (contributions of $2,000 or more) has risen by 12 percent. Multiyear givers have already pledged $1 million toward the 2013-14 budget.”

Posted February 15, 2013