In Sunday’s (2/1) Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich writes, “The stock market may be sinking and unemployment rising, but the arts are holding their own—for now. … For starters, these organizations—well-versed in the art of survival—long ago learned how to navigate the ups and downs of economic cycles, even a decline as severe as the current one. … The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera of Chicago, meanwhile, have envisioned creative survival methods: Both soon will allow patrons to pay for subscription tickets on an installment plan. … Other organizations, such as the non-profit Chicago Jazz Ensemble and the for-profit Green Mill Jazz Club, have come up with their own survival strategies: If the economy continues heading south, they’re likely to cut back on featuring out-of-town stars. Plane tickets and hotel rooms represent a comparatively easy way to slash costs fast, while making sure the music plays on.”

Photo: Orchestra Hall at Chicago’s Symphony Center