In Monday’s (2/3) Cincinnati Enquirer, Janelle Gelfand reports, “Musicians in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra have agreed to an unprecedented 11 percent pay cut for two years. The orchestra’s administration is hoping that a new financial plan, including the concessions made by its 92 musicians in a contract ratified Monday in Music Hall, will result in a savings of $2.8 million in operating costs. In addition to the concessions in the union contract, the administrative staff has taken pay cuts, and music director Paavo Järvi, in his eighth season, has agreed to a salary reduction. … The musicians’ contract will save the organization $1.8 million per year, or 15 percent of orchestra costs, but it will result in no reduction in symphony or Pops concerts at Music Hall. However, the symphony and Pops’ recordings for Telarc, critically acclaimed for more than three decades, will end—at least for now. … In addition to four staff positions eliminated in September, the orchestra has just eliminated two fulltime and two part-time positions, and has ‘substantially restructured’ five others, [President Trey] Devey says.”