In Sunday’s (7/4) Cincinnati Enquirer, Janelle Gelfand reports, “The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra announced that Christian Colberg has won the spot of principal viola (the leader of the viola section). He will begin his tenure in September. Colberg is a native of Puerto Rico and a graduate of the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore. He comes from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, where he served as assistant principal viola. Colberg is also an accomplished violinist, conductor and composer. Saying that he felt privileged to be a member of the Cincinnati Symphony, an orchestra with a rich legacy, Colberg added that the audience impressed him during a May concert in which he performed in Music Hall. … His awards include an Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation Fine Arts grant. He was honored by Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives and by its Senate for his achievements in classical music. … Violist Marna Street, who held the principal viola chair for 27 years, became principal emeritus of the orchestra’s viola section in 2007.”

Posted July 6, 2010