“Sadly, at age 22, it is not an exaggeration for me to admit that I have no one my own age willing to discuss my greatest passion with me: classical music,” writes Mary Sydnor on Thursday (6/6) at The Smart Set, a website affiliated with Drexel University. “Last November, I was lucky enough to cross my number one lifelong dream off my bucket list.…The Philadelphia Orchestra was performing Poulenc’s Double Piano Concerto (the dueling pianos played by twin sisters, no less), and I had tickets.… With most of our famous composers no longer around, it’s up to each orchestra and conductor to decide exactly how a piece is played. The differences between a performance of the same work by the New York Philharmonic as compared to the London Symphony Orchestra can be tantamount to Nirvana’s cover of ‘The Man Who Sold the World.’ … Not many people are willing to indulge me in a debate on chamber orchestras versus modern full-sized. But really, how is it so different from discussing what Beatles album is best or what group represents the pinnacle of ’80s New Wave? Your hipster friend might judge you if you’ve never heard of The Decemberists, but I can promise the classical community isn’t so damning. If you want to learn more about Sibelius or Poulenc, we’ll just be happy you asked.”

Posted June 11, 2013