In Friday’s (7/17) Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Jeffrey Sheban reports, “The Columbus Symphony will announce today that Roland Valliere—an entrepreneur, a musician and a former leader of the Kansas City Symphony and three other orchestras—has been hired to replace Executive Director Tony Beadle. … Valliere left the Kansas City (Mo.) Symphony, which he led as executive director from 1995 to 2002, to develop a hand-held digital device for concertgoers. The 54-year-old serves as head of business operations for Cornucopia Arts of New York, a company he co-founded that is producing educational videos with the Juilliard School. Earlier in his career, the Rhode Island native and former professional percussionist oversaw the Omaha (Neb.) Symphony, Hudson Valley Philharmonic in New York and New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra. His title as the top symphony administrator will be president and chief executive officer. … Valliere will help put his stamp on the orchestra in several ways—first, by helping to select a successor to Music Director Junichi Hirokami.”

Posted July 20, 2009