“If the viola is your instrument, it can be difficult to find repertoire to showcase your talent. But violist Nadia Sirota has plenty to play,” states an article and radio interview by Rachel Martin on Sunday’s (10/2) Weekend Edition on NPR. “She champions new composers to write music for her and forms ensembles to play it. Sirota’s longtime collaborator Nico Muhly recently released an album called Keep in Touch, featuring two pieces written specifically for her.… Sirota has also forged a parallel career as a host on Q2, the online station from New York Public Radio, and of the Peabody Award-winning podcast Meet the Composer. For each show, she interviews a composer and scores the entire segment with their work…. One purpose of the podcast, Sirota says, is to dispel the myth that classical composers are all dead…. ‘And they have moments of genius and moments of total dorkdom,’ [she says]. Sirota says she’s eager to give her listeners an entry point into classical music…. ‘There’s no chance it’ll disappoint a new listener, but people do need a way in.’ ”

Posted October 6, 2016