In Sunday’s (11/22) St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), David Hawley writes about the Minnesota Orchestra’s “Future Classics” program. “This is the fourth year for the concert, which was added in 2006 by music director Osmo Vanska to an annual workshop for professional composers that has existed in several formats since the mid-1990s. It has developed into a quasi-cult experience. Orchestra Hall wasn’t packed on Saturday for the performance of works by seven young composers, but it was a respectable crowd that lowered the average older-age demographic for patrons of orchestra concerts by at least a decade and contributed a lot of enthusiasm to the proceedings. … The audience favorite Saturday was Kathryn Salfelder’s ‘Dessin No. 1,’ a tranquil, conventionally harmonic piece that came in the second half of the program after a number of works that were considerably more robust and thickly layered.” The concert opened with Angel Lam’s In Search of Seasons and included Fernando Buide’s Antiphones, Geoff Knorr’s Shadows of the Infinite, Carl Chimmel’s Woolgatherer’s Chapbook, Spencer Topel’s Incendio, and Roger Zare’s Aerodynamics.

Posted November 24, 2009