In Friday’s (9/2) Tico Times (Costa Rica), Dominique Farrell reports, “Indian conductor Daniel Nazareth’s work with Costa Rica’s National Symphony Orchestra (OSN) has come to an abrupt end. The Culture Ministry announced last week that Nazareth will not be contracted as head conductor of the symphony for the 2012 season, nor will he lead any of the remaining concerts of the 2011 season. Iván Rodríguez, culture vice minister, told the daily La Nación that the decision to drop Nazareth was mainly owing to budget constraints, as the ministry could not meet Nazareth’s salary demands. But Rodríguez also cited conflict between Nazareth and members of the symphony and Culture Ministry as a reason for the conductor’s dismissal. … ‘There needs to be chemistry between the musicians and the conductor,’ Gabriel Goñi, a flutist with the OSN, told The Tico Times. ‘Nazareth’s manner of working caused problems with some of the musicians. He was tough and would yell. Many Costa Rican musicians are not accustomed to being treated like that.’ … Nazareth’s appointment as head conductor was announced with much fanfare in February.”

Posted September 2, 2011