An informal concert by the Adelphi Quartet last Thursday in College Park, Maryland, attended by participants in the National Orchestral Institute (NOI), “represented the nexus of several initiatives … of NOI, which every year convenes some of the best young instrumentalists in the nation,” writes Anne Midgette in Sunday’s (6/16) Washington Post. “NOI helped create this group, the Adelphi Quartet, in 2017. Preparing young musicians for a career in music looks different now than it did in 1988, when NOI began. A big part of instrumentalists’ training has always been learning to play orchestral excerpts…. But [as] orchestras … become more diverse in their personnel and their programming, institutions like NOI can play an active role in that kind of shift. The Adelphi Quartet is an example: It was born of a 2017 fellowship that the Sphinx Organization … gave the Peruvian-born cellist Marza Wilks…. In the past couple of years, NOI began a partnership with [the recording label] Naxos…. On Saturday night, the NOI Philharmonic’s concert was also [a] recording session … led by David Alan Miller … an unusual and bracing program that included Walter Piston’s 5th Symphony and Gershwin’s Concerto in F.”

Posted June 17, 2019