In Monday’s (2/15) News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware), Ryan Cormier writes, “Plenty of precautions were taken last month when the Delaware Symphony Orchestra auditioned 40 violinists to be the new concertmaster. The DSO judging panel, including music director David Amado, did not know who was auditioning,” referring to the custom at orchestra auditions of being held behind a screen so that musicians cannot be seen by the judging committee. “After a full day, the committee chose Amado’s second in command, the person who will shoulder some of the artistic burden by helping to make bowing decisions for the violin section and taking on the unique leadership role. And when that decision was announced, they had a fresh-faced 22-year-old named Dayna Anderson looking back at them, making her the youngest to hold the position in the orchestra’s 104-year history. … Anderson is the youngest concertmaster in the country, according to the League of American Orchestras. The second youngest is believed to be a 25-year-old violinist with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. … [DSO Executive Director Lucinda] Williams says she plans on using Anderson and Short as part of the orchestra’s outreach programs, hoping to draw more young people into the world of classical music.”

Posted February 16, 2010