The Des Moines Symphony will present its first sensory-friendly concert on June 9 in the Grand Hall at the Temple for Performing Arts in Des Moines. A string quartet featuring Des Moines Symphony musicians Julie Fox Henson, Linda Pfund Swanson, Nathalie Cruden, and Mary Pshonik will perform music by Haydn and John Williams, and there will be imagery and narration. Sensory-friendly concerts are designed for audiences of all ages and abilities, including individuals on the autism spectrum and those with sensory sensitivities. A “quiet zone” with bean bag chairs, fidgets, coloring pages, and blankets will be available, and guests may come and go from the concert hall as needed. Guests are welcome to bring their own comfort items, fidgets, and noise-cancelling headphones. To help families prepare for the concert experience, the orchestra has prepared FAQs as well as a Social Story and pictorial schedule for the concert, available online. Before the concert, the Des Moines Symphony will host an open house in partnership with other Des Moines-area organizations that offer sensory-friendly opportunities.

Posted June 4, 2019