In Thursday’s (10/27) Detroit News, Lawrence B. Johnson profiles Kimberly Kaloyanides Kennedy, “who has taken over duties as the [Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s] acting concertmaster this season. … She steps out front this weekend as soloist in two virtuoso showpieces, Saint-Saens’ ‘Havanaise’ and Ravel’s ‘Tzigane.’ … Kennedy talks about the change in her life precipitated by, as she puts it, ‘moving one foot’ from the chair as the stand partner to former concertmaster Emmanuelle Boisvert into the hot seat itself. ‘It has changed my life routine,’ Kennedy says. ‘More is required of me now. There are meetings, events, interviews that I never had to deal with before. My voice and participation are needed in so many areas, and it’s important to do all that. It’s about really being on top of everything.’ … Even as acting concertmaster, pending a DSO search that will commence in January, Kennedy has learned a new appreciation for the role and responsibilities of leader. … Kennedy says she also has another duty in her new chair: helping to heal the hurt of last season’s long strike. ‘There are some pretty deep wounds on both sides,’ she says, ‘but we really are all on the same team and we can be a top-rank organization in every way. My main goal is to focus on what is positive.’ ”

Posted October 28, 2011