In Sunday’s (2/13) Detroit Free Press, Mark Stryker writes, “The fate of the rest of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s current season remained on hold today as informal contract talks continued between striking musicians and management. Using intermediaries, the two sides began discussing ways of breaking the log jam in the 19-week strike Friday. Management spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt confirmed the ongoing conversations between the two sides and said in a statement that ‘small steps were taken toward a possible settlement.’ ‘Although the state of affairs remain fragile, it is our intention to continue to engage as long as it is productive to do so,’ the statement said. Musician spokesman Haden McKay declined comment. The executive committee of the DSO board had said it would cancel the second half of the season Friday unless the musicians responded to the management offer they turned down earlier in the week, either through a formal written counter-proposal or by moving seriously toward that goal. Informal talks using intermediaries can be a prelude to formal, face-to-face bargaining and written proposals.”

Posted February 14, 2011