In Tuesday’s (7/27) Detroit Free Press, Steve Byrne reports, “The Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Detroit Institute of Arts have both received $1.08-million grants from the Detroit-based Hudson-Webber Foundation, it was announced today. The grants will be distributed to both arts organizations in four-year increments of $270,000, beginning this year. The money will be geared toward operating expenses, such as programming or exhibits. Hudson-Webber has been giving money to both organizations almost annually since the 1960s, but this round represents the largest total ever targeted toward operating expenses. After this year’s installments, the grants are contingent upon the DIA and DSO reporting back to Hudson-Webber with progress reports, which in the DSO’s case includes its attempts to restructure bank debt and negotiate a new labor contract with orchestra members. ‘We are grateful to the Hudson-Webber Foundation for being model partners. They have agreed to provide much-needed operating resources even as we work to achieve long-term financial viability,’ Anne Parsons, DSO president and CEO, said in a statement. … The Hudson-Webber Foundation has assets of approximately $150 million and concentrates its efforts and resources in the city of Detroit.”

Posted July 27, 2010