In Wednesday’s (2/16) Detroit Free Press, Mark Stryker reports, “Detroit Symphony Orchestra management made what it calls a final offer to musicians tonight, requesting an up-or-down vote on the contract proposal by 5 p.m. Thursday. The move—which comes in the wake of five days of talks during which the two sides found common ground on some key issues but remained divided on a number of others, including base pay—starts the clock ticking again toward a possible cancellation of the season as early as Thursday. … DSO Executive Vice President Paul Hogle declined to discuss specifics but speaking broadly said that the two sides had made ‘considerable progress’ since Friday, reaching consensus on a number of work-rule issues, benefit issues such as health care and an approach to community service work including chamber music. … Cellist Haden McKay, a spokesman for the musicians, declined to address specifics of the proposal or the musicians’ likely response pending a meeting with the full orchestra scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday. … In an unexpected wrinkle, management’s deadline of 5 p.m. Thursday conflicts with a musicians’ union bylaw requiring a 72-hour waiting period after a proposal is received before a vote can be taken. McKay said it was likely that lawyers from the two sides would talk about the timeline, as would the musicians, and the issue could delay a vote until Friday.”

Posted February 17, 2011