In Saturday’s (7/4) Washington Post, Anne Midgette profiles National Symphony Orchestra  Glenn Donnellan, who has created an unusual musical instrument. “I just decided, ‘Well, let’s see if I can make one,’ ” Donellan is quoted as saying. “ ‘I thought it would be cool to say to the kids, “Hey, you can make your own.” ’ The object in question is an electric violin made out of a baseball bat. And the answer is, Yes, he could. Just in time for the Fourth of July, Donnellan posted to YouTube a video of himself playing the national anthem on his electric baseball-bat-violin. He didn’t necessarily mean the clip for wide circulation. He put it up because a friend with contacts in the Washington Nationals front office wanted to show it to his bosses and ask about having Donnellan play the national anthem for a game. But there are no secrets on YouTube. By Friday, the video had racked up a respectable 1,600-plus views, and some enthusiastic comments.”

Posted July 6, 2009