In Wednesday’s (4/23) Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, Jodi Rogstad writes, “Just think of it as a two-entree program: two ‘main event’ works, a Brahms symphony and a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, in a single evening. It’s a lot to digest, but the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra’s musical journey this Saturday evening will serve up the good kind of excess, CSO music director and conductor William Intriligator said. Guest pianist Jon Nakamatsu is ‘going to knock their socks off, anyway,’ Intriligator said. … To begin the symphonic feast, the orchestra will perform a brief piece called ‘Machine’ by Jennifer Higdon. The name of this Brooklyn-born composer may be familiar to some: She was artist in residence at the University of Wyoming in 2010-11, not long after winning a Pulitzer Prize for her violin concerto. … This Saturday, [Intriligator] is tempted to have the orchestra play it twice—a practice that is common at new music concerts, he said. Clocking in at under 3 minutes, he thinks it would give the audience an opportunity to digest it. But he hasn’t made up his mind. … he thinks the Higdon would strike a nice contrast to the next work on the program, the Brahms Symphony No. 3.” 

Posted April 24, 2014