Illinois’ Elgin Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Chad Goodman.

In Monday’s (1/22) Daily Herald (suburban Chicago), Rick West writes, “For the first time since 2019, the Elgin Symphony Orchestra has added new musicians to its roster. Music Director Chad Goodman chose eight new orchestra members after a series of blind auditions, bringing the total number to 64. ‘The hiring of new musicians into an orchestra can have a tremendous impact on the overall sound of the group,’ Goodman said in a statement. ‘It is more than just the tone a musician produces that helps shape the collective orchestral sound. It is also how well they listen to and blend with their colleagues, the bravura with which they take charge of a big solo and the sensitivity they can bring when accompanying.’ The new players include Andrew Port as principal oboe, Robbie Herbst as assistant principal second violin, Carmen Abelson and Kate Carter in the first violin section, Caroline Slack in the second violin section and Jason Butler, Erin Rafferty and Sava Velkoff in the viola section. ‘The level of artistry displayed by our newest musicians is inspiring,’ Goodman’s statement read. ‘I am excited to continue to see the positive impact they make on the collective sound and spirit of the ESO.’ ”