“After years of setbacks and delays, the Warner Theatre opened on January 23,” reports Brian Wilk on Monday’s (1/23) YourErie.com (PA). “The Erie Philharmonic returned home on Sunday to a newly renovated theatre. There has been over 30 years of talk about the project, but they are finally back on stage, and nearly 1,900 people were there to enjoy. ‘I think we’re easily one of the only cities in the nation that has a 1930s movie palace with a state-of-the-art performance venue in the back half of it,’ said Steve Weiser, Executive Director of the Erie Philharmonic. When people walk into the theatre they are transported back to the 1930s. ‘And you look on stage and you are seeing an incredibly high-tech stage and orchestra. It truly is the best of both worlds,’ … said Weiser. Casey Wells [executive director of Erie Events] said that … the improvements make the orchestra sound like they have never before. ‘And I am sure that the audiences are certainly going to enjoy that improvement as are the musicians themselves. It’s quite dramatic … the investment that we have put back stage to increase programing, but also improve all of the qualities of the performances,’ said Wells.”