“Four classical music festivals. Three children. Two exhausted parents, with a brave grandfather in tow. One bedraggled minivan. It’ll be fun, my wife promised me. Surprisingly, it was,” writes David Allen in Saturday’s (8/5) New York Times. “The revival of programming after the darker days of the pandemic affords the adventurous a fresh chance to get better acquainted with the summer offerings here in the United States. There are plenty of them … My family and I … started with the up-and-coming Colorado Music Festival in Boulder, which is within easy reach of Rocky Mountain National Park. Then it made sense to a climb up to the ski resorts west of Denver—first to Bravo! Vail, then to the next valley for the Aspen Music Festival and School. Jackson Hole, Wyo., didn’t look all that far away, really. There, the Grand Teton Music Festival plays just outside the park of the same name, with Yellowstone National Park an hour to the north…. The … four festivals … are all quite different, serving discrete audiences in distinct atmospheres…. Each has its own idea of what—and whom—a summer festival should be for, and each turned out to be valuable in its own way.”