“Arts organizations across Florida will get a major boost in funding in the new state budget, which provides more than twice as much money as last year,” writes Jay Handelman in last Wednesday’s (6/8) Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL). “The budget signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis allocates slightly more than $59 million for three major grant categories, up from the $26.7 million last year…. The budget provides no money for the cultural endowments category, which provides operating resources for longer-term sustainability. The bulk of the money, slightly more than $46 million, was awarded in the cultural and museum grants category, which provides programming support … for performances, exhibitions and special presentations. This year’s money will be divided among 556 non-profits. Last year, the state provided $23.2 million divided among 517 organizations, which was up slightly from $20.2 million in 2020. Arts and cultural organizations submit applications through a vetting and ranking program and may receive up to $150,000 each. This year’s budget marks the first time since 2014 that organizations will receive all the money for which they qualify. That also was a gubernatorial election year.” Orchestras listed in the article include the Punta Gorda Symphony, Sarasota Orchestra, and Venice Symphony.