In Wednesday’s (7/1) Newsday, Steve Parks reports, “The on-again, off-again free Philharmonic concert July 18 in Heckscher State Park is off again, thanks to Albany. Lynda Moran, executive director of the Islip Arts Council, which has put on the concert for the past 32 years, said Tuesday that the council came up $20,000 short of the ‘$60,000-plus’ needed to fund the concert, which was to feature the Long Island Philharmonic. … In an e-mail statement Tuesday, Foley said funding for the Long Island Philharmonic concert was due to be voted on in early June but that the ongoing battle for control of the Senate had prevented its approval. … The Town of Islip came up with $5,000 to save the concert and some corporate contributions were promised. ‘But it just wasn’t enough,’ Moran said. The concert was first jeopardized in March, when loss of sponsors forced the New York Philharmonic, which had played the free concert since 1977, to cancel. The Long Island orchestra was invited to play instead, and the concert was back on.”

Posted July 1, 2009