“At Boston University Tanglewood Institute’s storied summer music intensive program, some students spend up to nine hours a day with their instruments, and days are full of master classes, rehearsals, lessons, and performances,” writes Zoë Madonna in Friday’s (8/18) Boston Globe. “This year … visiting instructors [are offering] a spread of free elective wellness classes, taught by musicians and designed for musicians, intended to help students stay at their best.… This more involved approach to physical and mental wellness launched last summer after director of admissions and artistic planning Grace Kennerly noticed ‘quite a few’ students complaining of performance-related pain…. In addition to the Feldenkrais method and yoga, BUTI also has offered a series of body-mapping classes this year … ‘understanding how your body’s designed to move, and using that information to refine the movements that you use,’ explained instructor Vanessa Mulvey.” Boston University Tanglewood Institute Executive Director Hilary Field Respass “emphasized the goal of promoting health through multiple avenues, not just these optional classes. ‘There’s a lot of reinforcement through the summer,’ she said, pointing out a Q&A session with renowned violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter in which Mutter emphasized the importance of practicing effectively and being physically active separate from playing.”

Posted August 21, 2017

In photo: A Boston University Tanglewood Institute bassist on the lawn of the Tanglewood campus in Lenox, Massachusetts